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From Connectivity Through Games to Educational Gaming

 - Jul 10, 2014
Educators all over the world are increasingly incorporating interactive learning into their classrooms and curricula. These speeches explore the benefits of an education that is more hands on and stimulating for students. From video games to online courses and even toys, the landscape of education is undergoing a very exciting transformation.

Jane McGongial believes that classrooms need to include more physical games -- thumb-wrestling in particular. She argues that the game takes little to no time to set up or play and is extremely conducive to relationship-building and creating a positive and happy environment.

Will Wright, the creator of the popular computer game SimCity, argues that computer games benefit children by teaching them human intuition and instinct. Games like SimCity also enable people to be creative on their own terms, allowing them to break free from the constraints and limitations often found in classrooms.

Lastly, Sunni Brown defends doodling as an effective method for stimulating one's creative part of the brain.

These interactive learning examples are simple yet very effective for today's modern student and classroom.