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From Youth Involvement in Business to Reforming Youth Motives

 - Jul 10, 2014
This collection of inspiring speeches for youth discusses education, social change, bullying, overcoming adversity and entrepreneurship. Featuring both youth and adults, these speeches are both uplifting and engaging.

While many of the speeches -- such as the one by President Barack Obama, Mona Mourshed and Colin Powell -- tackle unemployment and education related to youth. Obama notes that the future lies in the hands of youth and greater investments must be made.

The most notable speeches featured here are those delivered by youth. Mckenna Pope, Maya Penn and Mteto Maphoyi are inspiring presentations representing the strength and capability of young people all over the world today. These talks tackle the ways youth can become more involved in business and activism.

These inspiring speeches for youth are not just beneficial for young people. Their content also serves as educational and inspirational for adults and offers an open-minded perspective.