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These Inspiring Speeches Tackle Ambition From Many Approaches

 - Jul 27, 2013
The focus of these inspiring speeches is ambition. This collection presents a variety of opinions and perspectives on the modern notion of ambition. It seems today that ambition is no longer the only quality an individual needs to succeed in life. For example, the unpredictable nature of the quality can easily tamper with an ambitious person's to land the dream job and lead a successful life. These inspiring speeches offer a modern approach to the topic.

The speech by Jason Fried argues that ambition can actually hinder an individual from achieving their dreams because people are often too ambitious. As a result, they lose sight of the tasks and responsibilities at hand and don't really have a logical plan for achieving their goals. He believes in smaller steps as the secret to a successful life.

Keith Yamashita often sees ambitious leaders hit a road block in their career and then give up. He believes one's lost ambitious can easily be rediscovered by collaborating with others in similar industries or professions.

The inspiring speeches demonstrate the different aspects of ambition and how it has changed over time.