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These Inspiring Political Speeches Ignite Hope and Optimism

 - Sep 7, 2012
This collection of inspiring political speeches features some of the most influential politicians from around the world. These speakers touch on a wide range of topics including global challenges, international relations, war and peace, partisan politics and human rights.

Well-known politicians such as Laura Bush, Al Gore and Bill Clinton offer insightful discussion on the subject of the environment and sustainability, while James Stavridis and David Trimble discuss war and the most effective ways to resolve problems between nations.

An especially notable presentation in this collection is President Obama's wife Michelle Obama's recent speech at this year's Democratic National Convention. Michelle's speech focused on her personal experiences growing up and her priorities of family values. An inspiration to women everywhere, Michelle delivers a speech that will certainly go down in history as one of most moving keynote addresses to date.

Other memorable speeches include those by Bill Clinton and his wife, two individuals who are truly dedicated to improving the well-being of every American citizen and citizen of the world. These inspiring political speeches promote cooperation, collaborative problem-solving and hope for a better future.