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From Communities on the Moon to Environmental Urban Maekovers

 - Mar 22, 2012
This collection of videos spotlights some of the most creative and innovative city design ideas for the future. Honing in on a variety of sustainable design ideas, revolutionary green practices as well as technology-driven government operations, these speakers open up about some truly exciting and eye-opening feats to look forward to in the future.

From interactive architecture to homes that work with biology and nature to grow themselves, the breakthroughs discussed in these videos are truly inspiring. The majority of these speakers are motivated by the desire to preserve the planet and enable the world's populations to live more sustainable and self-replenishing lifestyles. Robert Hammond reveals how he's transforming the New York City skyline to offer the residents of Manhattan a mile-long park steps outside their front door.

Justin Hall-Tipping discusses his breakthrough research that uses windowpanes as energy conductors, while Kirk Sorensen outlines the possibility of self-sustaining communities on the moon thanks to his recent discovery of a naturally occurring fuel in the earth's surface.