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From the Weight of Data to the Element of Play in Advertising

 - Jul 26, 2013
This collection of keynotes focuses on a variety of innovative apps. The development of apps -- both for mobile and stationary devices -- has enhanced tremendously with the introduction of smartphones and tablets.

While the release of new apps -- everything from games, to fitness trackers and maps -- has certainly transformed the mobile experience for users, it also brings a range of implications for advertising and media. These keynotes highlight some innovative apps while also providing insight into the changes they've ushered in.

Brian Wong's app Kiip completely revolutionized the way users interact with games on their phones -- and the way advertisers can get their message across. Users are rewarded with everyday items -- like a free ice cream or a coupon -- for winning a game or advancing to the next level. Users experience a more personalized game, while advertisers are able to market produces without being invasive to users.

Another important implication of today's innovative apps is the ability to collect information and data about users. The app called 'Gabby' can collect a wide range of data from your social media networks in seconds.

These keynotes shed light on a very important evolution in modern technology.