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From the Tools for Innovation to Analytical Innovation

 - Feb 14, 2013
These innovation-focused keynotes offer insight into everything from the tools to innovate, to different interpretations of innovation and even the effect today's education system has on the innovating process. The speakers featured here come from every corner of the business world and many other industries.

Some of the more notable innovation keynote speakers featured here include Guy Kawasaki, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Kawasaki's speech is particularly interesting because he introduces an acronym to use when evaluating how innovative a product is. 'DICE' stands for deep (how deep the quality of a product is), intelligence, completeness and elegance.

Martin Sorrell's speech suggests that innovation has to happen from within a company. He believes that alignment and a shared vision are effective strategies for innovating.

These speeches discuss innovation in design, technology, education, business, management, customer service and the environment.