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From the Three Fears of Salespeople to Developing a Loyal Clientele

 - Nov 11, 2013
Increasing sales is always at the forefront of the minds of CEOs, managers and salespeople. Many would argue that there is a specific art to the perfect product pitch, while others believe that customer service is the most important element. These speeches offer tips, insight and different strategies to help grow your business to its greatest potential.

Author and athlete Jim McCormick believes that a fear of failure and rejection is hindering the success of salespeople. It is often difficult for people to not take rejection or a failed sale personally, but he urges his audience to step back and realize some products or services simply do not fit in with a brand. It is important to move onto the next pitch.

Robert Gordman's speech emphasizes the power of a business sweet spot when trying to increase sales. A business sweet spot is what a company is known for and what makes them stand out from competitors. For example, Walmart's sweet spot is its affordable pricing. Focusing on what sets you apart and finessing it will drive sales.

The speech by Howard Putnam discusses the value of selling an experience to consumers, rather than a product or a service. There are far too many products on the markets that are the same, as well as services, so yours needs provide a unique experience.

Increasing sales can always be challenging, but these tips will help navigate to your best strategy.