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From Diversity in Thinking to the Value of Variability

 - Apr 3, 2014
The mentality of businesses and organizations today are characterized as being in support of diversity more than ever before. This shift in thinking goes far beyond the idea of it being a matter of fairness and equal opportunity. The speakers featured in these keynotes argue in favor of cultivating a team with different backgrounds -- in race, religion, sex, education and experience -- to kick-start innovation in different ways.

Malcolm Gladwell's keynote explains how brands focus too much energy on universal groups of consumers and how this is hindering their success. The sooner a company realizes every human is different and that their preferences are constantly evolving, the more adept it will be at creating products that appeal to multiple groups.

The speech by Lucy P. Marcus discusses the importance of a diverse boardroom committee. A company's survival can depend on an indistinguishable boardroom committee, but its success cannot. People from different backgrounds, with different experience and perspectives will enable a company to constantly be reinventing itself and appealing to new consumers.

Different people have different arguments in support of diversity in the workplace and this collection of speeches provides an extensive summary.