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From Why Digital Excels to Connectivity Through Games

 - Apr 2, 2014
This collection of speeches hones in on the importance of digital influence in the modern world. Businesses of today can no longer expect their traditional practices and strategies to keep them up to date and competitive. These speeches feature individuals from a variety of industries who offer their perspectives on why a digital presence is more important -- and will only become more critical.

Eric Schmidt explains how smartphones are becoming like people's personal assistants. Individuals use their smartphone and tablets for staying connected with people, organizing business, shopping, researching and consuming entertainment. He believes that smartphones will play a huge role in predicting what consumers want in their next product or service.

Jeffrey Piontek is a teacher who believes the structure and design of classrooms are too outdated for today's digital generation. Students who spend the majority of their time outside the classroom on digital devices. He believes they would be more engaged in a classroom that teaches on the devices with which they are so familiar.

Aaron Dignan's keynote clearly outlines the fact that today's most powerful and successful brands have all made the digital transition. He then provides how other companies can make the switch.

The importance of digital influence is one that many will debate both for and against, but these keynotes provide a thorough narrative.