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From Posture and Perception to Value and Self-Worth

 - Jul 18, 2014
The importance of confidence -- both in a personal and a professional setting -- can never be overlooked. These speeches elaborate on the benefits of self-confidence and also advise on how one can boost the way they perceive themselves.

One of the most engaging and enlightening speeches in this collection comes from Amy Cuddy, a university professor. Her speech focuses on the ways one's perceived confidence is influenced by posture and body language. She takes the discussion one step further by sharing her studies that prove a confident body position or stance can, over time, actually improve one's self-confidence.

Mark Sanborn's speech focuses on leading without a title. He argues that employees outside of executive leadership positions can still make a huge impact on a team's success. By leading by example and going above and beyond expectations, anyone can become an all-star employee.

The talk by Sheryl Sandberg discusses the importance of confidence and how it relates to women. Because of gender stereotypes still plaguing society, women are conditioned to deflect success and praise, allocating it reasons other than their own intelligence or success. Sandberg urges women to own their success -- not only for themselves, but for other women as well.

These speeches are both inspiring and informative.