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From the Three A's of Awesome to Cultural Marketing

 - Sep 27, 2013
Many individuals in business and in life choose to ignore the value and importance of authenticity. Companies will invest hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions, to portray themselves as creative and as glamorous to consumers. The increased number of people who use social media, however, enables consumers to see through this. It is the transparent and authentic brands experiencing more success today, and this norm will only become more entrenched.

The speech by Gary Vaynerchuk discusses the ways brands can leverage social media to create authentic relationships with consumers. It is often impossible to connect with clientele at an authentic and intimate level -- especially if a company is large -- but networks like Twitter and Facebook make it possible.

Blogger Neil Pasricha of '1000 Awesome Things' suggest that authenticity can help people embrace all the good things around them. Authenticity, along with awareness and attitude make up his three-ingredient recipe to happiness.

Actress Meryl Streep encourages the students in her audience to embrace themselves and the skills they possess now. We live in a time where such a wide range of skills are valued and it is crucial that people appreciate and leverage what they have.

The importance of authenticity in both life and business is made clear by a number of prominent speakers.