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This Collection Highlights the Importance of Imaginative Thinking

 - Sep 4, 2013
These imagination talks explore the role of creative thinking in one's personal life and at work. Some of these speakers focus on a specific industry in which imagination is particularly important, while others just encourage imaginative thinking overall.

Maira Kalman uses humorous illustrations to draw attention to the importance of imagination. As an author, she relies on her imagination on a daily basis. Kalman says that using one's imagination can help them to find inspiration in unlikely places.

Bill Capodagli discusses the way in which imagination can spark innovation within business environments. For example, he says that imagining customers as guest in one's home better helps businesses to cater to them. It also encourages a stronger focus on the customer, and helps to build a better relationship with them.

Jim Davies gives an interesting speech on the science of imagination. Specifically, he discusses the huge impact that imaginative thinking can have on the development of automated technology.

These entertaining speeches explore the need for imagination as an adult.