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From The Art of Lists to Gaming and the Brain

 - Nov 22, 2013
The human memory and brain has been at the forefront of scientific research for hundreds of years, yet doctors, scientists and psychologists continue to discover more at an increasingly rapid pace.

The speech by Sally Hogshead reveals to audience members that the average attention span of humans is only nine seconds long today (the same as fish), compared to two hours almost one hundred years ago. People no longer have the capacity to focus on something for an extended period unless it instantly captivates them in those first nine seconds.

Bill Benjamin's view of the human memory is that emotions can often get in the way of memory, leading people to make mistakes. His overarching point is that people will react irrationally in certain situations when their minds and memories know they should react differently.

Wendy Suzuki discusses the value added to one's memory through aerobic exercise, noting that it can significantly improve the well-being and agility of the brain.