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From Bringing Ideas to Life to Importance of Imagination

 - Mar 26, 2014
The human imagination is often something that goes left ignored as people graduate from school and university and assume their positions within adulthood. These speeches counter this notion and argue in favor of living a life that constantly fosters and encourages the use of one's imagination -- not just in jobs or roles that demand creativity, but those in business as well.

Kristen Powers explains how adopting a youthful, more childlike way of thinking can actually help people see the positive in seemingly negative situations. Being more open and imaginative will serve people throughout their whole lives as it will allow them to see the silver lining in everything that comes their way.

Mark Melymick believes that every human imagination is capable of creativity and that it needs to become more prevalent in classrooms. He believes many teachers hesitate in this area because of the fear of rejection from particular students. Mark argues, however, that it will ignite passion within students.

Jonathan Schooler discusses the art of daydreaming and suggests that it is the root cause for some of the world's most successful ideas. He goes one point further when he states that it is those individuals who are able to be conscious of their daydreaming who will succeed and come up with groundbreaking ideas.