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These Human Brain Presentations Reveal Fascinating Statistics

 - Jun 27, 2013
These human brain presentations are delivered by a variety of interesting individuals including scientists, psychologists and doctors. While many of these speeches aim to explain why the brain leads to particular behaviors in certain people, other talks explain why playing video games is actually beneficial for one's mental and brain health.

The speech by Meg Jay is particularly interesting. While its main topic deals with aging and the various reasons for which one needs to focus on gaining direction in their 20s, it also discusses the stages of the brain throughout life. The last growth spurt of the brain takes place in one's 20s, meaning that changing the course and behavior of someone in their 30s becomes much more of a challenge.

The science of love is explored in the very interesting keynote by Dr. Helen Fisher. Her speech breaks down what happens to the brain when an individual is "in love" with someone else. She explains how the feeling of love provides the brain with the same experience as cocaine and is highly addictive.

These human brain presentations are not only interesting, but can also be used by people in business to better understand the motives and behavior of consumers.