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From Money Changes Everything to Making Choices Easier

 - Nov 7, 2013
Human behavior and choices is a topic intensely studied by scientists, sociologists and psychologists. The deeper the knowledge on this topic, the more businesses can apply it to their teams, branding and marketing strategies and the better consumers can be understood.

As these speeches demonstrate, there are a number of factors that go into one's decision-making process and the set of things that motivate them.

Rory Sutherland's speeches hone in on how one's perspective has massive effects on the choices one makes and the way one behaves. The way one perceives something can result in different motivations than others. He often speaks of intangible value, meaning that people will behave based on what they view as having more value than something else.

The speech by David Rand reveals that the majority of Western society is motivated by things that will somehow benefit them. Consciously or subconsciously people are weighing the benefits of situations during which their participation is present.

These speeches offer fascinating discussions on human behavior and choices from a number of perspectives and scenarios.