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From Transparent Retail Choices to Marketing with Consumers

 - Feb 12, 2014
For a large majority of consumers, the presence of honesty in business is the most important factor when choosing a brand. Consumers want to know they can trust the brand they choose and the products they decide to purchase. Many consumers also want to know that their brand of choice conducts business in a responsible and fair manner.

Social media gives consumers a variety of methods to voice their opinions -- good or bad -- about companies and products. The speech by Jay Baer explains why brands need to embrace these new mediums of customer service because marketing at consumers will no longer cut it -- authentic interactions now separate the truly competitive brands from the rest.

The speech by Kent Nichols echoes these beliefs to an extent as the speaker believes that businesses need to be open to the criticisms and feedback from consumers because it can help them improve, adapt and excel.

Bruno Pieters believes that consumers should purchase products that reflect their values. While businesses have a responsibility to behave fairly, consumers can also do their part to ensure they are supporting socially conscious brands.

These speeches on honesty in business offer informative statistics as well as the best ways to approach social spending on products and services.