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From Diet and Climate Change to Weekday Vegetarians

 - Feb 28, 2014
Healthy dieting seems to be one of the most talked about issues by health professionals, doctors and dietitians these days. Many individuals are pushing for vegetarianism and veganism as the healthiest lifestyle choices, but for many people, that is not the ideal alternative. The speakers featured here offer a variety of different solutions to not only eating healthier, but also for living a lifestyle that is respectful to the planet.

Environmentalist Graham Hill proposes a solution for people who want to transition to a vegetarian lifestyle but who find the process overly challenging. He suggests limiting one's meat intake to occur only during the weekend, and limiting themselves during the week. Not only will a "weekday vegetarian" feel better, but they will also be playing their part in creating a more sustainable environment.

Jamie Oliver's speech offers insight into the ways the American education system is putting children's health at serious risk with its unhealthy, oversized meals. He believes that the modern food culture in America, if not altered in some way, will only worsen the epidemic of obesity that is facing the world today.

Healthy dieting is definitely a difficult lifestyle to adopt, but as these presentations illustrate, it is imperative both for one's health and the environment.