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From the Key to Strong Minds to the Process of Feeling

 - Nov 15, 2014
This collection of speeches features various psychologists, doctors and even journalists discussing different strategies to help build healthy brains. A top of interest to many people, brain health can be improved -- thanks to revolutionary advances in science and even through simple exercises and tricks.

Journalist Joshua Foer's speech discusses the memory. He shares his astonishment of participants in the United States Memory Chanpionship who are able to memorize lists, numbers and poems in minutes. He discovered that these people create significance and context for these facts and lists that enables them to recall them so effortlessly -- an exercise also used by Greeks over 2,500 years ago.

Some of the other speeches here focus on the scientific and anatomy-based breakdown of strong and healthy brains. Each speech is extremely informant, offering fascinating anecdotes, facts and knowledge.