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From the Importance of Self-Love to Fighting Childhood Obesity

 - Jan 6, 2015
Before you give up on your new year's resolutions less than a week into 2015, these health and fitness talks could provide you with motivation and information to keep you and your newly established habits on track. As resolutions revolving around physical health and exercise are very popular, hearing from a diverse range of speakers could also give you more insight into why your goal setting subject is so important.

First Lady Michelle Obama discusses the national campaign Let's Move in her nutritional speech and its goal of providing parents with tools to raise healthy families and lower childhood obesity rates. In another of the health and fitness talks, Deepak Chopra explains how the body is a process and offers different activities you can do to reinvent your body. Health psychologist Kelly McGonigal shares how a study demonstrates the belief stress is harmful is more harmful than stress itself.

Physical health is a complicated concept and one that is often tied into socioeconomic factors and mental health as well.