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From a Future of Green Mobility to Envisioning Better Businesses

 - Jul 16, 2013
New green business ideas are emerging on a daily basis. This collection of speeches examines the marriage of environment and business. is particularly interested in this topic because of all the potential innovation within the union of business and the environment.

The environment innovation keynote by Jason Clay identifies today's large corporations as being responsible for creating a sustainable future. He proposes that the path to sustainability lies in convincing some of the 300 to 500 of the world's largest and most powerful brands to adopt green practices. He believes that even if 100 of the most powerful corporations adopt more sustainable methods, future generations will be able to sustain their livelihood.

Angela Belcher's speech introduces the ideas of biomaterials. She believes that the humans can use the earth's materials to create everyday energy sources like batteries and semi-conductors.

Similarly, Mike Biddle explains how plastic can be used in the same ways as oil to create a long list of commonly used practices.

These green business ideas shed light on the astonishing innovations that have already taken place across a number of industries.