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From Lucky Life Lessons to Humor in the Face of Adversity

 - May 22, 2014
With high school, college and university graduation season in full swing, curated an updated collection of the graduating speeches featured on the site. The list continues to grow as iconic celebrities, academics and politicians are added.

Some of the newest people to be added to this collection of graduating speeches include actor Charlie Day, media mogul Arianna Huffington and Katie Couric. Day encourages his audience to not worry about having a plan B ready in case plan A fails; it is important to go forth with something without being held back by the possibility of "what if."

Huffington re-positions the idea of success to mean wisdom and well-being. Her speech reminds women of the importance of rest and health.

Lastly, Couric's speech compares old media with new, expanding on the surplus of opportunity that awaits new graduates.

These new graduating speeches, coupled with many of the timeless ones including Steve Jobs and Ellen DeGeneres, will inspire the student within all of us.