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From Infectious Marketing to Maximizing Blog Exposure

 - Nov 29, 2012
The secrets to creating an unforgettable advertisement and having a post receive millions of views on the Internet are discussed in this collection of going viral speeches. From flash mob advertising to tapping into consumers' minds, there are a variety of ways to create that viral moment in the market today.

Founder and CEO of -- the world's largest collection of cutting edge ideas -- Jeremy Gutsche presents unique strategies for spreading a brand's message. His marketing keynote speech emphasizes the importance in a brand having a very clear and distinguishable goal that continuously serves as the purpose and motivation behind everything it does. Portraying your brand and its products as big -- despite the actual size -- also plays a crucial role in going viral.

Alexis Ohanian, the founder of, explains that brands need to remain open-minded when sharing information or content on the Internet and to trust its level-playing field characteristic. Strict control over content hinders a post from reaching its potential.

World-renowned advertiser Rory Sutherland and meme master Ben Huh are also featured in these going viral speeches.