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These Global Issues Speeches Tackle Widespread Challenges

 - Jul 19, 2013
While the term current issues is extremely broad and can be interpreted and defined many different ways, there are certain issues that take precedence in the media and this collection of global issues speeches aims to shed some light and to provide insight from a variety of professionals.

At the forefront of pressing issues today is a battle in which society has been engaged forever -- human rights. Members of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities continue to fight for equal rights. The speech by Hillary Clinton insists that the rights of these individuals need to be treated the same away as the rights many other people enjoy today.

Another topic discusses here is religion. Religion is one of the most debated topics to exist. Hearing from individuals such as Stephen Fry and Penn Jillette, the religion-focused speeches here discuss whether or not religion should still be a part of certain education systems and the challenges faced be atheists.

Another extremely pertinent issues featured here is bullying. The speech by Joel Burns urges educators and school systems to treat bullying much more seriously. School should be a place where children grow and learn, but bullying is creating an extremely crippling and often life-taking obstacle.