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From Workplace Gender Gaps to Shifting the Base of Competition

 - Dec 6, 2013
These keynotes focus on the topic of gender in the workplace. This topic becomes increasingly interesting as what defines gender stereotypes -- and gender itself -- continue to dramatically transform.

Many of these speeches focus on the ways "traditional" male stereotypes can actually hold people back from success in their careers. The talk by Brené Brown discusses vulnerability and creativity. Where people are traditionally taught that one needs to be confident and show no sign of weakness, she shows how actually opening up to the possibility of failed ideas and shame will lead to innovative and creative ideas.

John Hagel's talk parallels Brown's as he dissects the male archetype and how it is still very much alive in industries like IT. This industry demands individuals with highly competitive natures and doesn't always recognize the value of building relationships over just playing for yourself.

Stephanie Coontz points out that while women are making strides in the workforce, family life is struggling. Men often blame this on the women instead of sharing the responsibilities.

Gender in the workplace is a fascinating topic and these speeches only begin to skim the surface.