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These Speeches Examine Digital Media and Traditional Media

 - Aug 14, 2013
This intriguing collection of speeches examines the future of journalism. There's no denying that journalism is going digital, and these speeches examine not only new media, but traditional media as well. Some of these speeches also explore interesting subjects, like women's role in journalism and misleading news headlines.

Jacek Utko discusses ways to revive a floundering print publication in his speech on saving traditional media. While he doesn't believe that there's particular reason not to go digital, he offers insight on how to keep a printed newspaper going. He says design is important. He also states that headlines should focus on the latest news, but readers should also feel engaged by an article.

Mike Germano talks about the end of newspapers and magazines in his speech on social media. He examines the impact that new media has on employment, and stresses that social media platforms will inevitably replace magazines and newspapers all together.

Journalist Christiane Amanpour tells journalism students that they are the watch dogs of the public sector in a commencement speech. She talks about the responsibility that comes along with the job, and expresses admiration toward those in the field.

These speeches explore different aspects of an exhilarating career, and offer insight for those interested in the field of journalism.