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From Finding Clarity and Purpose to Embracing Discomfort

 - Jul 10, 2013
Many people spend their entire lives hoping to find fulfilling work through their careers. While some people know very early on what it is they want do with their lives, many fail to locate that path until halfway through their careers. While it is different for every person, these speeches shed light on different strategies for achieving fulfillment and how to better understand your path in life.

World-renowned speaker Tony Robbins argues that fulfillment in life can be achieved by setting very specific goals. Before this, however, it is important to open your mind to the possibilities of what can become of your life. Once you know -- or at least have a general idea -- it is crucial to start setting small, specific goals. Fulfillment will come from realizing that you can achieve things, and will be experienced more frequently with smaller goals.

The Harvard University Professor Michael Norton focuses on the ways money can buy fulfillment in his speech. While the general understanding is "money cannot buy happiness," he suggests that it can by spending that money to benefit someone else in need. Helping others -- even financially -- can be an extremely fulfilling experience.

Fulfilling work doesn't always have to be attached to a large salary; finding clarity and purpose are more important.