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These Speeches Examine the Effects of Pursuing Interests

 - Aug 14, 2013
These speeches encourage following one’s passions in terms of the business world. While most of these speeches stress the importance of loving what one does, some urge people to put passions aside in order to achieve success. The speakers in this collection closely examine the ups and downs of pursuing an interest as a career.

Sir Ken Robinson says that it’s paramount for individuals to discover what their interests are and what they are good at. The answers to these questions often point people towards a career that is perfect for them. Robinson believes that it’s important to be fulfilled at work.

Speaker Eunice Hii claims that Generation Y is thought to be lazy and entitled. She says that this is because they have been encouraged to follow their dreams. She urges fellow graduates and students to reconsider pursuing their passions in order to build a better workplace reputation.

Tito Beveridge owns a vodka distillery. He previously worked in the oil and gas industries. Though he has had many different careers, he states that he works hardest at the jobs that he enjoys the most. This makes him more successful.

These intriguing speeches weigh the pros and cons of pursuing dream jobs.