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From the Trouble with Confidence to the Solution for Gen Y

 - Mar 26, 2014 prides itself on publishing a wide variety of content, including pieces with perspectives and opinions that often the play the Devil's advocate and this collection of speeches with reasons for not following your dreams falls perfectly in this category.

These speeches are not negative or pessimistic, but they do encourage people to be more realistic with their goals and career objectives, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Larry Smith believes that people should pursue careers outside their passions because if they fail, their passion will be ruined and it will not be their passion anymore. Passions and hobbies are to be enjoyed as a form of relief and release from the business of life and one's career; they should not be the direct of stress, which could very easily happen.

Eunice Hii believes that people should follow jobs that service others above anything else. Following one's passion can be difficult and stressful as there aren't always positions available. Serving others will ensure a meaningful career and time left over to pursue passions.

Phil Libin discourages ambitious entrepreneurs before jumping into it head first before hearing him out. He believes that people start their company for all the wrong reasons and that they truly do not understand the lifestyle required by an entrepreneur. Starting a business should only be pursued by those who want to change the world and are dedicated to giving up their time for it.

These talks on not following your dreams may seem negative to some, but they do offer valuable insight about being realistic with one's dreams and career.