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These Speeches Examine Conditions in Developing Countries

 - Jul 26, 2013
These insightful keynotes focus on fighting poverty. The speakers featured in this collection examine conditions in areas affected by poverty, such as developing countries. Many of these speeches offer strategies to help fight poverty and criticize corrupt governments in poor countries.

Speaker Paul Pholeros discusses the effects that poor living conditions can have on an individual's health. He explains that providing those who are in poverty with basic living necessities like plumbing and safe cooking devices can drastically improve their health. Pholeros has devoted his life to improving poor living conditions.

Author Daryl Collins debunks the myth that people can live on two dollars a day in her speech about living below the poverty line. Collins discusses the way in which those who live in poverty struggle with having no income, no access to life-saving resources and no concept of how to manage the little money that they do have.

Speaker Charmian Gooch discusses global corruption in poor countries. She reveals that some government officials pocket money for personal expenses rather than putting it into their communities. As a result, these people are denied schools, hospitals and numerous other important institutions.

These informative speeches shed light on poor living conditions across the globe and offer up ways to improve quality of life.