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From Women in the Workforce to Embracing One's Contradictions

 - Feb 21, 2013
This collection of feminism-inspired speeches features both high-profile and lesser known women from all over the world. A common theme throughout these speeches is the idea that feminism cannot be perceived as outdated or old-fashioned.

Many of the women featured hear introduce their own brands of feminism and the implications this has on the rest of the female population. Author and activist Courtney Martin's brand of feminism is inspired by her feminist upbringing and parental influence. She believes in intersectionality as opposed to patriarchy, and embraces aesthetics as an important aspect of a woman's life.

For Gloria Allred, feminism is about improving the status of women and vindicating their rights. She shows how more conservative-minded people often try to hold the movement back by saying things like, "But look how far you've come." Allred believes in the need to continuously look to the future.