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From Breaking Glass Ceilings to the Economic Power of Women

 - Aug 20, 2016
These female workforce keynotes discuss the economic empowerment of women, diversity in the workplace, gender equality and related topics. Internationally women have different experiences with equality, while some in the west fight to close the wage gap, others fight for basic rights and being recognized in the workplace at all.

In a historic nomination speech, Hillary Clinton discusses public service and the rights of women. The presidential candidate shared an inspirational message for all Americans that "when there are no ceilings, the sky’s the limit."

Arianna Huffington's innovative talk on redefining success advocates for female health. She suggests, rather than chasing power and money, going after higher pursuits like wellbeing, wisdom and giving back to others.

Leila Hoteit shares cultural success lessons in her talk about empowerment. Her advice comes from a less heard of perspective, that of a professional Arab woman. Her female workforce talk is on work-life balance.