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From Diversity of Leadership to Empowerment in Business

 - Jul 11, 2014
This collection of keynotes and speeches spotlights female leaders in business, politics and entrepreneurship. As these speeches demonstrate, gender bias and discrimination is a recurring issue for many female leaders. These speeches, however, are also extremely encouraging and inspiring as they prove that strong leadership has nothing to do with gender.

Hillary Clinton, featured here multiple times, is a huge icon and spokesperson increasing the number of female leaders in large organizations and corporations. One of her speeches defends women as the untapped resource for growing economies. She believes that too much intelligence and potential is wasted by not giving women the chance.

Lucy P. Marcus believes that more diversity needs to exist in all areas of a business, particularly a boardroom. Women -- in addition to people of different races, religions, age and education -- contribute new perspectives and ideas that couldn't be heard on a board of all men.

These speeches do not only focus on advancing women's careers; they also touch on team dynamics, marketing and pursuing one's dreams.