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These Speeches Discuss Equality, Media and Female Leadership

 - Sep 3, 2013
This collection of speeches focuses on female empowerment. The keynotes included that examine female leadership push for women's rights, and discuss the need for more female representation in the media.

Michael Gelb talks about the ascending power of women in his speech. He specifically mentions an increase of successful women in the workplace. He also points to Queen Elizabeth as an icon for women, as she's in a respected position of power.

Actor Geena Davis calls for better female portrayals in the media. She points out that 80 percent of media seen across the world stems from America. Davis is concerned with the kind of female images currently seen in media, and pushes for more empowering female images.

Magazine editor Hanna Rosin discusses the rise of women in her speech. She talks about her book 'The End of Men,' and reveals statistics that are impossible to ignore. Rosin states that for every two men that graduate, three women will earn degrees.

These speeches celebrate the increased female presence in the business world, and push for female empowerment in countries where women aren't seen as equal.