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These Speeches Encourage Finding Lessons in Failure

 - Aug 15, 2013
Though budding entrepreneurs and business owners often harbor a fear of failure, these inspiring speeches encourage people to view failures as opportunities. These keynotes explore the benefits of experiencing failures and making mistakes. They also stress the importance of getting over the fear of failure and embracing it as a learning experience.

Innovation expert Jeremy Gutsche explains why chaos and failure can benefit businesses. He states that when companies are faced with failure, they are forced to reevaluate strategies and set new goals. This can result in successful new ideas.

Entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie views his business failures as platforms for learning. He states that even when businesses fail, connections are made and valuable lessons are learned. This paves the way for improved business strategies and more successful ideas.

Conan O'Brien discusses the fear of failure in a Dartmouth commencement speech. He says that failure isn't necessarily something to fear, but it should be avoided when possible. O'Brien states that failure stings and disappoints driven individuals. However, he also feels as though failure can be liberating in a way.

These fantastic keynotes on viewing failures as opportunities encourage ambitious people to take risks, and learn from mistakes.