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These Speeches Examine Corporate Compassion and Empathy

 - Sep 5, 2013
This collection of keynotes exploring compassion closely looks at the importance of leading with compassion. Some of these speeches examine the benefits of empathy, and others discuss political philosophies and their compassionate sides.

Speaker Jok Church shares a touching personal story in his compassion-focused keynote. He talks about a teacher who showed him kindness and protected him from violence after he publicly came out. Church explains the importance of treating others with respect, and reveals the impact that kindness can have on an individual.

Jenny Lykken from Google discusses the importance of leading with compassion. She talks about her job, and how it's important not only to show employees compassion, but to take steps that will make them happier and healthier.

Bill George talks about compassionate capitalism in his speech. While he acknowledges that capitalism is sometimes harmful, he also talks about the good that comes out of it. Outsourcing jobs to people in impoverished countries can lead to economic sustainability.

These inspiring and insightful speeches encourage business leaders and everyday people to be compassionate towards those around them.