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These Speeches Explore How to Deal with Environmental Issues

 - Aug 7, 2013
These keynotes are focused on environmental change and aim to raise awareness, while bringing some interesting, eco-friendly ideas to the table. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and better dealing with pollution are some of the topics addressed in these eco-conscious keynotes.

Speaker Stefano Merlin believes that the three most important ecosystem-related concerns are climate change, biodiversity conservation and effectively passing on environmental information to local and rural citizens. Merlin stresses the importance of using renewable resources.

Students Jeanny Yao and Miranda Wang have discovered a bacteria that dissolves harmful phthalates found in plastic. This is remarkable because there is so much plastic pollution in the world and phthalates have been linked to reproductive problems in women, as well as cancer.

Dean Gus Speth believes that in order to implement important environmental laws and changes the government needs to change first. He states that too much consideration is given to big corporations and not enough is given to the environment.

These informative speeches provide audiences with hopeful solutions to environmental issues.