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From Raising the Bar in Classrooms to Updating Learning

 - Jun 12, 2014
Entrepreneurial education is the focus of this collection of speeches. Education reform is a heavily debated topic all over the world and these speeches take the position that classrooms should be educating students more on entrepreneurship.

Sir Ken Robinson, an iconic figure the world of education, is featured here numerous times. He argues that the school system has been broken for far too long and inhibits students from reaching their full potential. Classrooms need to foster the nontraditional skills such as creativity, art and entrepreneurship to enable individuals to flourish and really make a difference with that they do once they leave school.

Geoff Mulgan believes "studio schools" in which students learn trade skills and work directly with the community will benefit them and society the most. Getting students up and out of their traditional surroundings will make them more aware and curious.

Cameron Herold suggest that school curricula include sessions that focus on nontraditional careers. Not everyone is suited for a traditional career in law or medicine, and they need to know their options and how they can let their skills develop and flourish.

Entrepreneurial education is definitely on the rise in many part of the world and as these speakers argues, so should be the case everywhere.