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From Persuasion by Fascination to Improving Speaking Skills

 - Nov 21, 2013
Creating engaging presentations for peers, co-workers, clients and prospective partners is something almost everyone will have to do at some point throughout his or her own career. Many people, however, would place public speaking at the very bottom on a list of things they enjoy doing most. These speeches offer tips to conquer those anxieties of standing before a group and how to really engage an audience.

Marketing expert Sally Hogshead tells her audiences that an engaging presentation requires one to tap into the fascination triggers of the audience. She quotes a study by BBC that states the average attention span of humans today is nine seconds long -- the same as fish. For that reason, speakers need to captivate the audience and grab its members attention immediately. This can be done through passion, urgency, building trust or loyalty.

Innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche argues that effective and engaging presentations rely on simple, direct and supercharged messages driving them. He shares the strategy employed by his website that attracts over 40 million views each month.

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