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From Making Foreign Familiar to Addressing Aboriginal Issues

 - Oct 17, 2013
This collection of empowering youth keynotes highlights the importance of a younger generation coming together to make a difference. Whether the audience consists of young people themselves or is composed of adults, the overall message is clear. Not only are youth the future, they are also capable of creating change in the present.

Many noted activists are included in this course, most notably actor Martin Sheen. In his passionate and powerful speech on social activism, he discusses how he made a living as an actor but it was activism that kept him alive. Similarly, former UN force commander Romeo Dallaire encourages students to get involved overseas and to learn from their peers in developing countries. Former Vice President of the United States Al Gore also makes a plea to young people to follow their passions, whether that is the environment and climate change or any other social justice issue.

These empowering youth keynotes demonstrate millennials are eager to do work that matters. This can be seen in the growing number of youth-targeted non-profit organizations and in the actions students are taking.