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From Empowerment in Business to How to Create Change

 - Nov 17, 2013
This collection of empowering presentations features a number of household names across different industries including Sheryl Sandberg, Oprah Winfrey and Angelina Jolie. The speeches focus on the different ways one can become more empowered and transform their lives -- either personally or professionally.

Oprah Winfrey responded to the backlash she received in the media after she voted for Barack Obama instead of Hillary Clinton; other women were outraged that she didn't support the first running of a female president. Oprah's speech emphasizes that she is a free woman who can vote as she pleased and will not be restricted to behaving a certain way based on stereotypes.

The speech by Don Tapscott believes that citizens of the world can empower one another and come together on the Internet to create change.

When it comes to business, Sheryl Sandberg believes that the only way to be is empowered is if co-workers are honest about their ideas with another. "Truth" is so misconstrued these days and once people are able to speak freely and openly about things, empowerment will follow.