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From India's Hotbed of Innovation to Online Microfinance Communities

 - Apr 3, 2015
These emerging markets addresses all discuss growing economies in developing countries. Many advocate investing in such economies in the name of social business while others discuss innovative strategies.

In one of many emerging markets addresses on India, the Harsh Chamria speech examines gaps in microfinance and financial inclusion solutions. Sangu Delle takes a different approach in his talk on Africa's economy, which emphasizes a macro focus to eradicating poverty across the continent. Specifically he is for investing in pan-African titans of business instead of local entrepreneurs who, he feels, will have a smaller impact. Dambisa Moyo theorizes on the emerging economy of China, their state capitalism and their de-prioritized political system.

These innovative speeches are relevant not just for those who work in finance, but for those interested in issues of development and international politics.