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From The Success of Outsiders to Diversity in Thinking

 - Mar 20, 2013
Embracing eccentricity is the overarching theme of these carefully curated speeches from professionals and experts in a number of different fields and industries. These speeches discuss the importance of eccentricity, uniqueness and imagination in everything from education to choosing a career path and being successful. They demonstrate why being different and why deviating from the mainstream can be more beneficial than people would initially assume.

Susan Cain's speech on the power of introverts explores why society's emphasis on extroversion and the pressure placed on introverted children to "come out of their shell" when they may prefer to work quietly on their own rather than in groups. She argues that introverted people should be more valued as they represent an important facet of human nature and are necessary to think up new ideas and solutions to problems.

Ken Robinson believes that children's eccentricities and creative tendencies should be fostered and encouraged in a learning environment. Too often is it the case that the structure of schooling creates roadblocks for students reaching their full potential.