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From Appreciating the Elderly to Life's Third Act

 - Nov 30, 2013
For many, the idea of growing old is terribly intimidating and daunting, but these speeches on embracing aging demonstrate why age is really nothing but a number. Not only do these speeches show how much science has evolved to prolong life, but they also present different perspectives and approaches one can take to growing older.

The speech by award-winning actress Jane Fonda reframes the idea of aging and encourages her audience to view it as another chapter with new opportunities and potential for spiritual growth. While people don't always have the power to control what happens to their body, they can take proactive action to keep their spirits high.

Mike Dickson argues that one can embrace age and experience fulfillment through reevaluating their needs. He suggests asking yourself what you really need and what you want, and this can transform your life. Everyone has different "needs" but once one is tuned into their own set, they will be happy and fulfilled.

Growing old is often perceived as losing one's ability to live life to the fullest but as these speeches on embracing age show, the last decades of one's life can be an extremely special and eye-opening period.