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From Using Time Blocking to Office Time Management

 - May 2, 2013
Mangers, bosses and CEOs are constantly looking for ways to implement more effective working conditions in their offices. This collection of keynotes offers tips on everything from time management, to the best office designs as well as the scheduling of meetings.

Efficiency innovation keynote speaker Gina Trapani introduces the concept of time blocking. She argues that employees require a minimum of fifteen minutes in between starting a new project or tackling a new task. Trapani believes that the brain will be able to work more efficiently and create better quality work once it's had a brief break.

Speaker Andy Burnett's keynote discusses the effects a specific office design can have on one's ability to think creatively and to innovate. His work focuses specifically on how one's surroundings at work impact one's capacity to come up with smart solutions. The main message of his speech is that CEOs and executives need to be more conscious of the areas in which their employees are working.

These speeches demonstrate how what constitutes effective working conditions have transformed so dramatically over the years.