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From the Right Way to Drop Out to Ideal Teaching Environments

 - Oct 20, 2013
These education system presentations focus on flaws in the current system and solutions in learning. Many speakers see a problem with testing as an indicator of learning, and are advocates of curiosity and creativity. Many of their proposed solutions center around experiential education.

Sir Ken Robinson has been a long time advocate for educational reform. Four of his speeches are featured among these education system presentations. Bill Gates also discusses the importance of informing educators and punishing students unnecessarily in his keynotes. Meanwhile Sugata Mitra mentions how unimportant he finds formal learning, compared to self-taught knowledge in the information age.

A theme that emerges amongst these talks is students taking learning into their own hands. Whether this is done outside the classroom or 'hacking' homeschooling programs, young people are finding the need to develop skills independently of the system.