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These Education Presentations Explore New Learning Environments

 - Jun 7, 2013
This collection of education presentations explores the many transformations schooling, classrooms and school curricula have undergone in recent years. Hearing from some of the world's top education authorities including Bill Gates and Sir Ken Robinson, these speeches tackle a wide range of topics such as technology in the classroom and teaching entrepreneurship to young students. The overarching theme of these keynotes is the need to reevaluate today's current system and to implement the necessary changes.

Sir Ken Robinson, who is featured here in multiple speeches, emphasizes the need to for creativity to become a priority within the classroom. Too much focus is put on subjects like science, math and languages and not enough on the arts. He believes that solving the world's most pressing problems -- climate change, poverty, pandemics -- cannot be solved exclusively through these subjects. He sees the lack of creativity in school as a serious threat to the well being of future societies.

The education innovation keynote speeches by Sugata Mitra are truly inspiring as they showcase the huge strides made in under-developed nations. He also suggests that today's education system isn't broken -- we simply don't need it anymore.

These education presentations provide insight into today's most pressing educational challenges and hope for what the future holds.