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From Facing Feat with Authenticity to Comparative Equality Strategies

 - Jan 9, 2015
This list of documentary talks are all on a specific kind of film and how storytelling, photography and media can make a difference. This non-fictional type of motion picture document a specific find of reality, whether in an exposé fashion or to bring new light to a topic.

News anchor Katie Couric discusses reimagining media in her commencement speech. The broadcast journalist believes now more than ever that film and visual medias are a meritocracy and states when the state of things are in flux, opportunity is everywhere. Documentarian and teacher Logan Smalley explains the power of films in his film movement speech. The Director of TED-Ed shares how movies can solve large scale problems. In one of several documentary talks that tackle a specific issue, activist Yoruba Richen talks about gay rights and pervasive black homophobia.

Documentary film is a creative and powerful tool to tell a story.