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These Diversity Presentations Support Variety at Work

 - Nov 16, 2014
This collection of diversity presentations demonstrates why businesses will be more successful when they employ a wide variety of individuals. A variety in sex, race, education, age, culture and even religion will contribute new perspectives and new schools of thought that are more likely to spark creativity and innovation than a team that is dominated by one group of people.

The speech by Halla Tomasdottiris is particularly interesting; the speaker defends her beliefs that if economists, bankers and investors incorporated more stereotypical female traits into their work, the world would be more stable, from a financial standpoint. Traits like trust, openness and fairness -- typically associated with women -- could do wonders for the economy.

Sylvia Hewlett's speech reveals that of the world's population who earned a bachelor's degree, only 17% are white males, so it doesn't make sense that we rely on them so much in business.

These diversity presentations illustrate why variety will is the main driving force behind innovation.